My painting process

I want to share with you my painting process for watercolor and acrylic.  With watercolor, I build my image with multiple layers of color placed one atop the other.  This approach allows for greater luminosity in the painting.  With acrylic, I tend to lay the base colors in first to give me a frame of reference and to determine proper tone for all areas of the work.  Once the base colors are in, I begin to add detail to the painting in a very similar fashion to my watercolor approach.  I build the painting in layers of color one atop the other.  Because acrylic dries so quickly and because I don’t like using the retarding mediums as, for me, they make the paint too gummy, I prefer to place a very small amount of paint onto my brush and to then scumble in the color in an almost drybrush approach onto the base color.  This allows me to shape the form of the body without having to rely on all of the base color still being wet.  The end result appears as though the paint has all been blended while wet.  Following are slide shows showing the process, several for each medium.  Click on the image to be brought to the slide show.


prince_pop_8_300_7273_552_41_63 freedom-lies