Maritime Paintings

My non-figurative work is maritime in nature.  In all of the paintings, the challenge is to capture the play of light and shadow on the object.  I also prefer unusual compositions leaning toward an oriental style.  I have been painting the working boats of Maine for over 30 years.  When I first started painting them, I could go to a harbor and see hundreds of the boats lining the docks and the shore.  Recently, when I return to the same harbors I see maybe a dozen.  Many of the former working harbors have been dredged and have become marinas for pleasure boats.  The fishermen and their boats are being driven out.  I am trying to capture and preserve this maritime way of life through my paintings before they are gone.

Some of the artwork in the gallery below is available for purchase.  To purchase a painting please contact me through my contact page, including the title of the painting in the email.  If one of my galleries has the painting in question I will contact them to arrange the sale.